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We have been helping consumers choosing the right insurances for 2 years now. Because the vocabulary and the contract options are not always easy to understand, we daily dissect for you offers, prices and guarantees, in order to make them clearer and to help you in your decision.

Since insurance is far from being the only area where important decisions are hard to make, we also offer our help with financial products or energy supplier change.

We help you choose all your insurances comfortably

To obtain quotes of the various insurers, all you need to do is fill out a single questionnaire for free. All the questions are the same as on the insurer side. They allow us to query these live and show you the actual rates offered by each of them.

This is how our service works with all of our products. The prices offered are therefore genuine, without additional costs as originally offered by the insurers.

The advantage? We give you all the tools to understand the offers and compare them. You can then subscribe directly from our online platform or receive a quote by email and make your decision later.

The benefits are a better contract tailored to your needs, a good choice of insurance and up to € 325 in savings* compared to your current contract.

A doubt or a question? Our advisers are available by chat from Monday to Friday and can answer your questions or assist you in your search.

We enlighten you in your choice of energy supplier

Since the market opened up to competition in 2007, many energy suppliers have emerged and choosing the most adapted contract has become complicated. Therefore, we are now helping you with finding the right gas and electricity contract thanks to our new energy comparator. In less than 1 minute, you can compare the best offers on the market for free.

Clear and adapted offers will be presented to you according to your needs and your energy consumption. You can then benefit from advantageous rates representing up to 10% savings compared to the regulated rates.

We are your financial products comparator...

Bank charges and the funding of projects or goods are often long and complicated procedures. To see more clearly and save time, we give you the opportunity to compare banks, consumer loans, real estate loans, borrower insurance, loan repurchases and savings products (passbooks, life insurance, fees brokerage…).

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Compare the best offers on the market with maximum transparency and find the one that suits your needs.

We guarantee you savings in no time and at no additional cost

What our users say

A very effective comparator. In less than 10 minutes you will find the ideal offer that suits you.

Statement collected on 04/26/2019, for a comparison made on 04/22/2019.

Thank you for your service, I was able to quickly finalize my insurance file with the quote’s conditions. Cheers

Testimony collected on 04/17/2019, for a comparison made on 04/16/2019.

I saved almost 400 euros. Thank you.

Testimony collected on 01/22/2019, for a comparison made on 01/18/2019 .

I could reduce my insurance costs

Testimony collected on 05/05/2019, for a comparison made on 05/05/2019 .

In accordance with my request, fast, useful.

Testimony collected on 07/03/2019, for a comparison made on 06/29/2019 .

Everything went well. I was able to quickly and smoothly finalize my business insurance with the information I received.

Testimony collected on 09/22/2019, for a comparison made on 10/09/2019 .